What is High-Level Technology?

For the purposes of the High-Level Technology Fund, high-level technology (HLT) is defined as:

  • Technology that is new or needs scaling-up in the country.
  • ADB has not yet extensively supported.
  • Have at least one of the HLT characteristics.
What are the characteristics of HLT?
  • It improves efficiency and productivity.
  • It increases functionality and access to services.
  • It introduces innovation in processes, methods, techniques, and the use of new improved equipment and materials in construction, operations, and maintenance.
  • It reduces environmental costs.
  • It reduces life cycle cost, increases durability, and improves long-term performance efficiency.
  • It enhances the scaling up of HLT and market opportunities for scale-up.
  • It promotes synergies and increases scale and impact through cross-sector collaboration.